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Project Services

Every Special Transport is customized to meet the transport needs of your company. Getting in contact with Ahola Special Transport will start a chain of operations that will result, for example, in a 30 metre long cylinder, seven metres in diameter being moved from Pietarsaari, Finland to Linköping, Sweden.

Each transport project is planned in detail and the actual transport is the result of extensive preparations. When planning a transport project, we often need to solve various technical problems and decide on the best route. For example, there are often bridges with very little space to go under, a sea to cross and a pile of permits to be gained. To find out about any obstructions and traffic signs on the route and to draw up a schedule. Don't worry, we'll look after the entire project.

Power plant boiler


  • Length

    38 metres
  • Width

    7 metres
  • Height

    5,5 metres
  • Weight

    142 tonnes (vehicle and load)

AT Special Transport moved a power plant boiler manufactured by Andritz in Finland, to E.ON in Örebro, Sweden as a project that involved all services. AT Special Transport planned the routes for about 15 shipments both in Finland and Sweden. It was also responsible for planning the sea carriages between the two countries. Thanks to the detailed planning and precise execution, the boiler was delivered on time without any problems. The biggest hydraulic crane in the world, leased especially for lifting the enormous boiler, was waiting in Örebro.